It's So Easy To Make Your Own FUNDraising Page!

Build Your Own Fundraising Page!


Online fundraising is a fast effective way to raise money for Dragons Abreast. After easily creating a team or an individual Fundraising page here you can email the link to your friends and family who can simply click to donate and post a message, they will be immediately receipted by email. There is no cash, no paperwork and no hassles !! how simple is that?

Share Your Page​ on Facebook

Encourage your friends to share it as well. For the best results, include a photo of yourself training or getting ready for your event if you can.


Click here for more info on how to share your page on Facebook.

Make a Donation to Yourself!

Make a donation yourself. The first donation is the most important, your supporters will look at your first donation to determine how much to donate. This will also show that you’re dedicated to your cause.

eMail Everyone You Know

This will boost your total right away! Don’t forget to send a reminder email as well - often the reminder will raise even more than the first email!

Raise 46% more by SMS-ing your
closest friends!

Fundraisers who share their page by SMS raise 46% more than those who don’t!

Share your page with your closest friends (or to those who you think will donate a higher amount) first to help boost the average donation.

View your page on a mobile device and click ‘share by SMS’ to share.

Connect Apps (Fitbit and Facebook)!

Connect to Fitbit and to Facebook to help share your fundraising journey with your friends! 


Click here to learn how to connect to Fitbit.

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